Original Photograph of "Teal Bennett"

Portrait of "Teal Bennett" 48" x 72" (oil painting)

Original Photograph of "David Oestreicher"


Portrait of "David Oestreicher" 36" x 48" (oil painting)

Original Photograph of "Virginia McCollam"


Portrait of "Virginia McCollam" 60 x 40" (oil painting)

Original photograph of "Cindy Bergin"

Cindy Bergin - "oil sketch: first state"


Portrait of "Cindy Bergin" 36 x 24" (oil painting)

Original Photograph of "Jackie"


Portrait of "Jackie" 72 x 48" (oil painting)

Original photograph of "Dr. Janet Ross"

Dr. Janet Ross - "oil sketch: first state"


Portrait of "Dr. Janet Ross" 48 x 72" (oil painting)

Original Photograph of "Buck Taylor"


Portrait of "Buck Taylor" 72 x 48" (oil painting)

Original Photograph of "Kim Navarre"


Portrait of "Kim Navarre" 24 x 36" (chalk pastel)

Original Photograph of "Elvira Toma"


Portrait of "Elvira Toma and Son" 30 x 40" (oil painting)

Adrian Deckbar has been creating commissioned portraits since 1972. She usually only accepts a few portrait commissions a year, due to her demanding showing schedule of her original work. She enjoys the intensity of achieving a likeness as well as bringing forth a feeling of the subject's personality. Because she uses photographs as a reference, the subject she paints does not have to sit for a portrait. She usually takes the photographs in a location of the subject's choice, and together with the client selects the images on which to base the painting. The subject can visit the studio to see the progress of the artwork, and if needed, can sit a few minutes for Deckbar to study specific aspects of the client’s appearance. She creates both traditional and contemporary portraits and is not limited to the southern region. Although she works in New Orleans, she ships her commissioned portraits around the world. For additional information contact Adrian Deckbar at adriandeckbar@bellsouth.net

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